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Founded on 1998 is being loyal to its motto: television for any screen in every language.

The biggest success belongs to its series on one minute How To programs, see & enjoy. After ten years of production these collections reached 800 one minute programs on lifestyles, being the most versatile production for television, the Internet and Mobile.

In the spring of 2005 they received a Jury Special Mention at “made for mobile” during its first edition at MIPTV in Cannes and also two awards at the Gourmet Voice Festival. In 2008 received a Jury Award from The Accolade.

We also received on July 2009, at La Comedie Française, The Gourmand Award for the best food TV program.

These programs show, in an innovative format, all kind of manual procedures, shot between the hands of the maker, original music, without voice over and on screen text in any language. Cooking recipes have found its best place, but there are also collections on hand magic tricks, restoration and even, lately, knitting and yoga, all kinds of contents on lifestyles for a better living.

Its cooking recipes collections are broadcasted in all food channels of the world, such as Cuisine Tv in France from the beginning, Asian Food Channel in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, The Home Channel in South Africa, UKTV Food, UKTV Garden in UK, RTL Living in Germany, Claxon in Argentina, Dubai One in E.A.U., Canal Cocina in Spain and many others, being broadcasted already in nine languages.

During MIPCOM 07 canalmicro inked an agreement with MICO in Japan to distribute our see & enjoy productions in all media. The shows are being broadcasted in Lala TV and in December 07 four DVD’s are hitting the market with a great design and presentation.

Internet markets has grown to include this programs in Yahoo USA and Japan, Cuisine TV web, Ipercast in Europe, and into IPTV systems as Akimbo, Sonic and AT&T Homezone in USA and Canada.

see & enjoy series can be watched at all Paris Airports, France Fisheries, Egypt supermarkets, in some airlines and are available for mobile phones in Norway, Benelux, Finland and Italy. Also in October 08 started to produce branded content for Vorwerk to promote its Thermomix®.

This new mobile market has welcomed this format with a great success developing the best way to resolve domestic problems and getting help to learn how to operate and use your own hands becoming an unbeatable audiovisual tool.

Its audiovisual experience in the Internet is long and deep, and has produced for over seven consecutive years, the Tv signal for Spain’s collecting society SGAE, where the creators in Spanish lived, with daily features, reports and news (with over 4.000 references done) where the creative process was the core of its production aim.

During these years has produced a dozen plus documentaries on musicians, from Aute and Joshua Edelman, to Luis Delgado and the most recent, about Mariem Hassan.

Also in 2003 were produced the Tv soap opera of 30 one minute chapters, El pianista Relamido, as well as some elevator jokes which recently are available at Vodafone in Spain.

The new company name, canalmicro s.l., means a stop to any doubts on our duality on the internet, and opens way for a strategy that will offer its internet site, canalmicro.com, as the best window to find in its archive solutions for all kind of an upscale lifestyle resources, in a digital light weight, attractive in its minimalist aesthetics and very easy to follow by audiences of all ages in any language.

November 2009
Ignacio Perez Piñó

canalmicro s.l.
Hortaleza, 118. 28004 Madrid.
+34 913 913 450 cm@canalmicro.com

Canalmicro is made possible by: David Jiménez, Isabel Garcia de Paredes, Sonia Marques, Guillermo Baqué, Cristina Perez Cañadas, Manuel Garcia de Paredes, Javier Maseda, Alvaro Manzano, Juan J. Solana, Xavier Planas, Xavi Dolera, Jose Luis García Sánchez, Marta Hernández, Jose Gomez, Iñigo Kintana, Fernando Martín, Marisa Sánchez, Silvia Cerezales, David Renovales, Luis de Avendaño, Marta Javierre, Silvia Gomez, Arturo Soriano, Angel Carmona, Olga Fadón, Alicia Rios, Pierra A. De Oliveira, Jaime Ortega, and companies like MoMedia, Factoria de Video, Viajes Amura, Ediciones Manuel de Falla, and all our partners.