you with us 2 hrs. / 12 + 40 x 1'

the first year of a newborn

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you with us a program thought for parents, family and any person at baby care.

A video collection directed by pediatrician Olga Fadón MD.
A guide that shows the coming along of a normal baby, step by step.

Medical explorations are included with the comments and guidelines of the pediatrician.
You will also find practical exercises to be realized at home to ease a complete development.

A practical guide to erase fear, reassure parents and transform any single step of baby's growing up in joy.

Practical advices and thorough explanations on feeding bottle preparing, baby's bath and bringing baby to nice sleep.


Lenth of the 12 chapters:

Month 1: 18:15
Month 2: 13:36
Month 3: 9:31
Month 4: 9:06
Month 5: 8:44
Month 6: 8:47
Month 7: 8:48
Month 8: 8:20
Month 9: 8:32
Month 10: 9:13
Month 11: 8:25
Month 12: 11:50