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25 easy hand tricks for the whole family

Surprise your family and friends with this easy to follow and simple hand tricks. All you’ll need are coins, glasses, wood balls, bills or a page from a newspaper.

1. the travelling rubber band
2. the dots of the dice
3. the broken toothpick
4. the colored cube
5. the travelling match
6. the missing glass
7. the dots on the toothpick
8. the magnetic cigarette
9. dices that change place
10. the upside down note
11. the disappearing coin
12. ashes on the hand
13. cut the aces
14. ace, four, three, six
15. the string through the fingers
16. two red cards
17. changing color ball
18. the coin through the handkerchief
19. balls and strings
20. the jumping toothpick
21. the crossed note
22. two corks
23. the magnetic wand
24. clip in red
25. the chinese rings