wok & enjoy



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from starters to desserts to cook on a wok pan.
Light cuisine that keeps the flavour and richness of its ingredients.

1. crispy prawns with coconut
2. potato tempura
3. thai chicken soup
4. eggs and dates
5. salmon sachets with avocado
6. tofu with shiitake
7. turkey and pecan nuts salad
8. zucchini with oyster sauce
9. rocket and prawn risotto
10. pearl noodles with mackerel
11. smoked eel with noodles
12. sole with peanut cream
13. tuna soup with udon
14. salmon with soy caramel
15. swordfish with lemon and sage
16. baby squid in spicy sauce
17. cod with bacon and spinachs
18. beef loin with pineapple marinade
19. pork loin with crunchy yucca
20. chicken with sesame & orange blossom honey
21. duck magret
22. lamb with cherries and lemon
23. ostrich with basil and rice noodles
24. banana wontons
25. steamed coconut with chocolate & grapes