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care of house plants

The series covers a wide variety of common house plants from around the world, providing all the necessary tips and techniques on how to grow them and keep them healthy.

1. the tools
2. sun or shade
3. automatic plant watering
4. cutting of stems (hibiscus syriacus altea)
5. transferring plant to bigger flowerpot (spathiphyllum)
6. cutting of roots (asparagus densiflorus)
7. the stakes
8. maintenance plant in flowerpot (dracaena massangena)
9. cacti arrangement
10. sowing of small seeds (begonia semperflorens)
11. sowing of intermediate seeds (tagete)
12. sowing of large seeds (direct) (tropaeolum-capuchina)
13. multiplication leaf in soil (peperonia)
14. multiplication leaf in water (kalanchoe)
15. multiplication: pieces of leaf in water (begonia rex)
16. graft in soil (pilea)
17. graft in water (inpatiens-busylizzie)
18. inverted graft (cyperus)
19. root ball division (nephorolephis-fern)
20. rhizome division (sansevieria)
21. propagation by off-shoots (bromelia)
22. draceana fragans
23. aucuba
24. African violet
25. coleus