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Tasty and yummy vegetarian recipes. 25 combinations to prove that vegetarian food allows yummy and nutritive dishes. Aubergines with pesto, green pizza, pumpkin lasagna or even a surprising quinoa salad so you would not miss those traditional meat or fish preparations.

1- mozzarella and tomato with rocket
2- mushrooms and nuts
3- aubergine rolls with pesto
4- cucumber vol-au-vent
5- rose water sushi
6- maché with goat cheese
7- quinoa salad
8- julienne soup with crispy vermicelli
9- rice with beetroot
10- pasta with capers and cashews
11- tofu gnocchi
12- carrot omelette
13- green beans with orange
14- spinach and potato stew
15- artichokes with green asparagus
16- vegetable roll with potato cream
17- cauliflower with red lentils and curry
18- pumpkin lasagna
19- vegetarian savouries
20- seitan stuffed aubergines
21- mediterranean sandwich
22- green pizza
23- honey and poppy seeds bread
24- rice and coconut cream
25- apple and sultanas dessert