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kitchen robots

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kitchen robots: thermomix, foams and ice creams

recipes done with the help of kitchen robots; thermomix, foams and sweet and salty ice creams (parmesan, basil).
A collection for an advanced kitchen.


1 spicy corn cream
2 “ajoblanco” with soy gelatine
3 avocado cream
4 green risotto
5 ox loin with red wine
6 cod with apples
7 conchiglie carbonara
8 potatoes “boulangère”
9 prune and sweet wine ice cream



10 potato and dill foam
11 mustard foam
12 beetroot foam
13 coconut foam with figs
14 iced tea and lemon foam
15 pineapple foam
16 light chocolate cream

ice cream - maker:

17 melon sorbet
18 cinnamon ice cream
19 chocolate mille-feuille with mint sorbet
20 parmesan ice cream
21 toffee ice cream
22 green pepper ice cream
23 cream,honey and nuts ice cream
24 basil sorbet
25 curry ice cream