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comfortable soups

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The art of the spoon. 25 excelent ways to survive winter.
From the classic onion soup to the tomato and basil.
From a delicious and humble garlic soup to the perfect minestrone.

Collection contents (25x1'):

1- quick meat stock
2- vegetable soup
3- vegetable soup with pesto
4- minestrone
5- basil and tomato soup
6- veal stock with wild mushrooms
7- garlic and bread soup
8- lentil soup
9- leek and cod soup
10- “escudella” - catalan soup
11- onion soup
12- mushroom soup with sherry
13- mimosa soup
14- japanese style egg soup
15- “stracciatella”
16- potato and salmon soup
17- potato and white beans soup
18- partridge soup
19- chicken, mushroom and pasta soup
20- “harira” soup
21- sole with vegetables soup
22- clam chowder
23- mussle chowder
24- shrimp and curry soup
25- prawn and cream soup