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furniture restoration

Now, restoring and maintaining furniture is easier than ever. From how to prevent woodworm to how to clean worn-out leather. In one minute, viewers can learn the techniques that professionals use to care for furniture.

1. imitation of aged ivory
2. imitation of cast iron
3. imitation of bronze
4. imitation of copper
5. imitation of terracotta
6. water-based stain
7. alcohol-based stain
8. distressed wood
9. cleaning marble
10. removing paint
11. removing a water-based stain
12. removing a synthetic varnish
13. gilding with faux gold
14. gilding with faux silver
15. antiquing faux gold
16. antiquing faux silver
17. imitation ebony
18. French polishing
19. dulling a glossy varnish
20. waxing wood
21. removing wax
22. removing rust
23. painting on gold with egg-based tempera paint
24. cleaning leather
25. eliminate woodworm