quick & enjoy


in less than 30 min.

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In less than half hour, recipes to be ready in a moment.
Broths, clams, shrimps, chicken or stuffed eggs…
and some great desserts for a quick menu.

Collection contents (25x1'):

1- Green beans with pine nuts
2- Baked potatoes with dried onions
3- Asparagus with balsamic butter
4- Corn chowder
5- Quick pizzas
6- Club sandwich
7- Baked cheese sandwich
8- Dried tomato tapenade
9- Parmesan mousseline
10-Bresaola with goat cheese cream
11-Fresh pasta soup
12-Quick swordfish stew
13-Fried clams
14-Sauté shrimps with salad
15-Quick roast chicken
16-Chicken with cream
17-Steak with fine herbs butter
18-Risotto milanese
19-Rice pilaf
20-Linguini with fresh “passata”
21-Stuffed eggs
22-Chocolate soup
23-Peaches in red wine
24-Caramelized pears
25-Pure lemonade