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spain's own bite-sized gastronomic delights

One-minute pieces showing simple recipes, most of which do not require any cooking, and can be prepared without any special kitchen utensils. The lively musical accompaniment is especially suited to younger viewers. The recipes range from the spicy "Gilda" to the mouth-watering Spanish ham and tomato on a French loaf.

1. raw cod tidbit
2. mussels in vinaigrette sauce
3. garlic prawns
4. prawn kebab in devil sauce
5. tiger mussels
6. salmon and prawn cream
7. gildas
8. tuna fish and peppers
9. pepper crostini
10. toast with prawns
11. chicken kebabs
12. mushrooms in garlic
13. meatballs
14. hummus
15. salmon cream
16. brava’s potatoes
17. vegetable flakes
18. bacon and dates
19. tempura
20. raw vegetables with creamy cheese dip
21. spain's ham sandwich
22. vegetables and cheese kebabs
23. pickled vegetables
24. rucola and walnut sandwich
25. monk fish kebab