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easy recipes to be done in a small electric oven

we have created several recipes to be done in a small electric oven. Great for preparing menus for one, two or four servings.

1. baked potatoes
2. eggs sur le plat
3. asparagus & salmon rolls
4. roast vegetables on garlic toast
5. spinach and goat cheese pastries
6. roast rice
7. macarroni & spinach gratin
8. quiche lorraine

9. scallops au gratin
10. roasted prawns kebab
11. seabass au gratin
12. tuna rosemary skewers
13. roast gilthead
14. roast cod with garlic
15. grouper with carrot and coconut sauce
16. roast chicken with garlic
17. lamb chops with mint
18. roast rabbit with 3 mustards
19. kefta brochettes
20. barbecue ribs
21. cheesecake
22. almond soup
23. walnut croissants
24. strawberry & chocolate cake
25. apple tart