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recipes with different orange varieties

25 recipes where the different orange varieties are the soul of the dishes. All kinds of preparations; from salads to delicious desserts, including the most important dishes of traditional orange cooking. They are, as usual, simple, clean and great to watch with a fine originally created music.

1. orange sauce
2. spicy “sanguinelli” sauce
3. dill vinaigrette with orange
4. orange cream
5. sobressada toast with sanguinelli “alioli”
6. smoked cod salad with orange
7. asparragus with orange mayonnaise
8. surimi salad with sanguinelli
9. oak lettuce and orange salad
10. sanguinelli carpaccio
11. risotto in sanguinelli
12. tagliatelle in sanguinelli
13. roast pork loin with sake and orange sauce
14. duck a l’orange
15. sausage & tangerine skewers
16. tuna tartare with orange vinaigrette
17. monkfish salad with orange
18. prawns and orange cold soup
19. mandarin cream caramel
20. crêpes suzette
21. tangerine sweets
22. mandarin tiramisú
23. tangerine jellies
24. orange sorbet
25. sanguinelli foam