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Children recipes. A very special collection of tasty recipes for kids. Colorful, creative and fun to do and to eat, this 25 recipes offer great children menus in a kiddy presentation. The music, arranged and orchestrated by J.J. Solana, is based on popular playful children songs.

1. courgette cream
2. beans and mushrooms forest
3. spinachs and shrimps balloon
4. letter soup
5. shell salad
6. rice turtle
7. tuna and cheese flowers
8. squid bubbles
9. cod goldfish
10. dinosaur’s nest
11. “spiderweb” meatballs
12. cordon bleu clouds
13. bottom of the sea snacks
14. mouse snack
15. pizza faces
16. pirate boat
17. fruit sandwich
18. coconut milk shake
19. car sponges
20. pear jellyfishes
21. jelly tartlets
22. chocolate nougat
23. explosive lollipops
24. coconut balls
25. three color mousse