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knitting techniques

An indispensable collection of the different knitting techniques.
Twenty-five knitting models: from basic garter and stocking stitches (knit and purl) to ribbings, mosses, eyelets, cables, seeds and other decorative patterns directed towards the process of knitting.

1. Casting on one needle.
2. Basic knit stitch.
3. Basic purl stitch.
4. Binding off.
5. How to read knitting instructions.
6. Garter stitch.
7. Stocking stitch. Crossed stocking stitch.
8. Single seed stitch.
9. Knit one purl one rib. Knit two purl two rib.
10. Moss stitch.
11. Irregular chessboard stitch.
12. Diamond stitch.
13. Chevron stitch.
14. Fabric stitch.
15. Sheaf stitch
16. Eyelet cables.
17. Afghan feather stitch.
18. Willow stitch.
19. Fern stitch.
20. Cables rib.
21. Double cables.
22. Aran honeycomb stitch.
23. Basket weave stitch.
24. Gooseberry stitch.
25. Banded knotted edgings.