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sweet recipes to complete a fine menu. From the classic Tatin to the most sofisticated. International ingredients to create attractive and comforting recipes.

1. ginger cookies
2. raspberry mini pies
3. panna cotta
4. walnut brownies
5. chestnut bavarois
6. tart tatin
7. puff pastry rolls
8. truffles
9. fig parfait
10. tulips
11. red plum and cheese cake
12. liquorice ice cream with passion fruit
13. french toasts with walnuts
14. yogourt cream
15. pear and roquefort puff pastry
16. grapefruit & orange soup
17. passion fruit cookies
18. orange ice cream
19. banana and chocolate tart
20. fruit salad with light toffee
21. caramelized mille-feuille
22. toffee rolls with wild rice
23. multifruit tartlets
24. mocha with rum foam
25. fig carpaccio