breakfast & enjoy



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25 proposals to start your day well eaten. From a nutritive shake, a very special coffee, a light breakfast or a more heavy note for the most active. Pancakes, omelets, sandwiches or a fruit salad, even a baked apple with yogurt.

1. traditional pancakes
2. tomato marmalade
3. mozzarella tartlet
4. granola
5. scrambled eggs with truffles
6. poached eggs with salad
7. eggs sur le plat with green sprouts
8. omelette rolls
9. white omelette with herbs
10. hot tuna pitta pockets
11. hot breakfast couscous
12. fruit salad with lemon oil
13. banana and almond shake
14. yogourt,cucumber and lime shake
15. tropical fruit shake with soya milk
16. roast apples with yogourt and cinnamon
17. bread pudding
18. Andalusian porridge
19. onion marmalade
20. light orangeade
21. cocoa coffee
22. vegetable pancakes
23. roast pears and plums with muesli
24. corn pancakes with ham
25. potato pancakes with salmon