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25 exquisite recipes for cold sandwiches

Heroes, rolls, pita pockets, sandwich spreads, and the perfect combination to create 25 refreshing and tasty sandwiches.

1. smoked ham and rucola sandwich
2. turkey and pineapple curry paste
3. bologna and olive rolls
4. cucumber sandwich
5. curly endive and mayonnaise pita bread
6. tuna and oregano spread
7. sicilian roll
8. blue cheese and walnut spread
9. smoked veal in olive oil dressing
10. tuna salad roll
11. salad raisin bread
12. smoked salmon mousse on rye roll
13. cheese and tomato sandwich
14. duck ham, mango and ricotta ciapatta
15. smoked turkey and guacamole in pita bread
16. cheese, egg and tomato sandwich
17. mozzarella, tomato and pesto roll
18. smoked salmon rolled sandwich
19. crab meat sandwich
20. salami and emmenthal baguette
21. cheese, apple and walnuts sandwich
22. shrimp and radish baguette
23. roast chicken and beetroot roll
24. cream cheese and pistachio spread
25. iberic ham baguette