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25 ways to start cooking. Very easy recipes for starting cooks. Simple and elementary technics to prepare basic béchamel, tomato or cheese sauces, salad dressings, spaghetti with prawns and even a classic breaded veal fillet.

1. basic béchamel
2. tomato sauce
3. assorted cheese sauce
4. assorted vinaigrettes
5. red peppers preserve
6. fried mushrooms with garlic
7. grilled tomatoes
8. spaghetti with prawns
9. rice with vegetables
10. scrambled eggs with asparagus
11. egg sur le plat
12. smoked salmon quiche
13. boiled broccoli
14. pea cream
15. fried eggplant with honey
16. roast vegetables
17. marinated salmon
18. sole papillote
19. white fish ceviche
20. chicken casserole
21. breaded veal fillet
22. pork loin with yogourt
23. flaky pastry pie
24. potato gratin
25. white bean casserole