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the best visual guide to learn to use your hands. in one minute lifestyle.
just two hands from the makers point of view.
original music. no v.o.
on screen text in any language.

Packs of 25 thematic one minute program collections.
Cooking recipes (picnic, fast preparations, children’s, thermomix and ice creams, vegetarian, breakfast, wok, sushi, desserts, salads, sandwiches, cocktails…)
Also magic hand tricks, homeplants, furniture restoration and bicycles.

med cooking & enjoy

Mediterranean recipes.
25 recipes on the rich Mediterranean gastronomy. Appetizers, side dishes, main courses and desserts of a healthy, easy and affordable cuisine from all med countries.
One and five minute versions which includes more info on ingredients, more tricks and tips and longer process shots.

essential & enjoy

Cooking tips.
Basic knowledge on products and cooking techniques.
From  finding the freshness of eggs to the trimming of fat from a meat stock.
The easiest way of  fixing  a “bouquet garni”  or  “fines herbes”. How to  flavour  olive oil or peel  and prepare nuts.
Cooking tips for everyone.

kids' party & enjoy

Kids' party.
25 innovative suggestions to prepare an elegant and nourishing children’s party. Colourful and healthy preparations through quick recipes and cool presentations. Fresh fruit soft drinks, juicy sandwiches, smooth cakes, stuffed fruits and explosive muffins.

picnic & enjoy

The best way to enjoy meals outdoors.
Recipes to enjoy later, perfectly packed, rich and diverse.
Sandwiches, salads, seafood and meat.
Some are ready to keep temperate for a few hours.

quick & enjoy

In less than half hour, recipes to be ready in a moment.
Broths, clams, shrimps, chicken or stuffed eggs…
and some great desserts for a quick menu.

papillote & enjoy

Cook in a pocket oven, made of paper or foil; in an oven or over heated oil.
The best way to avoid odors in the kitchen and extract all its taste.
Meat, fish, potatoes or corn recipes. A great variety of easy and efficient preparations.

soup & enjoy

The art of the spoon. 25 excelent ways to survive winter.
From the classic onion soup to the tomato and basil.
From a delicious and humble garlic soup to the perfect minestrone.

mini-menu & enjoy

Children recipes: A very special collection of tasty recipes for kids. Colorful, creative and fun to do and to eat, this 25 recipes offer great children menus in a kiddy presentation. The music, arranged and orchestrated by J.J. Solana, is based on popular playful children songs.

breakfast & enjoy

25 proposals to start your day well eaten. From a nutritive shake, a very special coffee, a light breakfast or a more heavy note for the most active. Pancakes, omelets, sandwiches or a fruit salad, even a baked apple with yogurt.

veg & enjoy

Tasty and yummy vegetarian recipes. 25 combinations to prove that vegetarian food allows yummy and nutritive dishes. Aubergines with pesto , green pizza, pumpkin lasagna or even a surprising quinoa salad so you would not miss those traditional meat or fish preparations.

basic & enjoy

25 ways to start cooking. Very easy recipes for starting cooks. Simple and elementary technics to prepare basic béchamel, tomato or cheese sauces, salad dressings, spaghetti with prawns and even a classic breaded veal fillet.

lose calories & enjoy

300 cal.: a collection of tasty recipes for the calorie watchers. Light and appealing dishes: soups, salads, meat and fish delights under 300 calories.

wok & enjoy

wok: from starters to desserts to cook on a wok pan. Light cuisine that keeps the flavour and richness of its ingredients.

spin & enjoy

kitchen robots: recipes done with the help of kitchen robots; Thermomix, foams and sweet and salty ice creams (parmesan, basil). A collection for an advanced kitchen.

desserts & enjoy

desserts: sweet recipes to complete a fine menu. From the classic Tatin to the most sofisticated. International ingredients to create attractive and comforting recipes.

orange & enjoy

Oranges: 25 recipes where the different orange varieties are the soul of the dishes. All kinds of preparations; from salads to delicious desserts, including the most important dishes of traditional orange cooking. They are, as usual, simple, clean and great to watch with a fine originally created music.

oven & enjoy

Small Oven: we created several recipes to be done in a small electric oven. Great for preparing menus for one, two or four servings. Several fish recipes are specially created for small apartments, where fish smell is kept in the oven and assures a clean air.
dress & enjoy
Salads: The most fresh, tastiest, and healthy combinations. From the classic Waldorf and Cesar to the great lobster and the easy spring salad. Each of them with its own special dressing.
sushi & enjoy
Sushi: The oriental delicatessen explained in a simple and attractive way. The universal cut, the fish cleaning and the rice technics. Learn the way to prepare maki, cones and the great repertoire of the fabulous japanese cooking.
bite & enjoy
Sandwiches: 25 exquisite recipes on cold sandwiches. Heroes, rolls, pita pockets, sandwich spreads, and the perfect combination to create 25 refreshing and tasty sandwiches.
pick & enjoy
Tapas: Spain's own bite-size gastronomic delights and the best international appetizers. Simple, tasty and always appealing.
mix & enjoy
Cocktails: From the original Dry Martini to the Piña Colada, cocktails as a form of social entertainment. Listing ingredients and measures, showing the correct techniques for the mixing glass and cocktail shaker, the right choice of glass for each cocktail and several spectacular ways of presenting the drinks.

serve & enjoy

One-Minute Recipes: 120 recipes ranging from home cooking to haute cuisine.

hatha yoga & enjoy

25 asanas: A basic session of hatha yoga easy to follow. 25 asanas with progressive images and explanation texts. From the initial state of awareness and the dynamic exercises, through stimulating, balancing and relaxing poses towards the final meditation.

knit & enjoy

knitting techniques: An indispensable collection of the different knitting techniques.
Twenty-five knitting models: from basic garter and stocking stitches (knit and purl) to ribbings, mosses, eyelets, cables, seeds and other decorative patterns directed towards the process of knitting.
wonder & enjoy
Hand Tricks: Surprise your family and friends with this easy to follow and simple hand tricks. All you’ll need are coins, glasses, wood balls, bills or a page from a newspaper.
restore & enjoy
Furniture Restoration: how to restore antique furniture at home using simple procedures that everyone can understand.
water & enjoy
Plants: simple tricks to help you keep your plants healthy and beautiful.
ride & enjoy
Bicycle Minutes: bike repair and maintenance. 25 one-minute pieces that go through each procedure step by step.
the format…

In sixty seconds, each program guide viewers through a process easy to understand, appealing and complete.

From the makers point of view, only two hands working on any manual procedure, with close-ups of the objects, tools and materials involved in every stage of the process.

The camera is inside the action showing the cuts and proportions of the ingredients, increasing the viewer's involvement.

Texts are clearly displayed on the screen, detailing ingredients, quantities, tools and preparation times, with an original musical background.

The One-Minute series is a high versatile product easy to schedule in the program grid. The absence of commercial brand names offer great possibilities to sponsors.

Interactive TV, V.O.D., mobile phones, screen fridges.
A versatile TV format for every screen in any language.