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our series In their own voice brings you to the center of El Rocio and Traineras, the most traditional fairs in spain.

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in their own voice
2 X 28'

in their own voice is a documentary series on Spanish customs.
Traditional festivals, pilgrimages and boat races are all narrated by the participants themselves,
in their own voices, with on-screen text translation.

The Pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Rocío: Recorded in depth over six days in May and June 1998 during the pilgrimage to El Rocío, in the Doñana nature reserve in Huelva, in the south of Spain.

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The boat races in San Sebastian Donostia traineruak: The documentary covers a year in the life of Mikel and his fellow oarsmen from Orio, up until the victory that brought them the coveted La Concha pennant.
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Ten 30-second backgrounds on each volume. The purchase of a volume includes the unlimited rights. Each volume has one of five different themes: Nature, Kinetics, Elements, Textures, and Geometry. Also available are volumes with a mix of themes.