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26 and 55 min. documentaries on the Spain's culture from the creator's point of view. Its titles and treatment give them a long run interest. Musicians, authors, players, choreographers. A modern biography on our culture and times. English subtitles and scripts available.



Mariem Hassan, the voice of the Sahara
Mariem Hassan is the voice of the Sahara, the voice of the dessert. Adored by Saharawis living in exile, Mariem Hassan is an icon that gives hope to those who still live in the territories occupied by Morocco. With her prodigious voice and intelligence, she's been able to bring up to date Saharawi music and make it attractive for 21st century music audiences. In the film we go through Mariem's misfortuned life, we discover her as a courageous and enduring character and we witness her artistic transformation into one of the most charismatic and respected figures of the World Music scene.

Joshua Edelman. New latin jazz in Madrid. "Calle del Rosario"
Madrid has become the new capital of Latin jazz. There converges musicians like Joshua Edelman, a classic formed piano player from USA who, following his passion by Latin music, moved from New York to Madrid. Living in the capital of Spain, Joshua Edelman leads a group of Latin jazz, a genre that performs every night next to other nomadic musicians from all Latin America, creating a new Latin jazz.

Luis Delgado, the musical dream of Al-Andalus
Andalusí culture's legacy survives in musician and composer, Luis Delgado. His record "Tánger" is performed by Spanish and Maghribian musicians who, from tradition, develope points in common between both cultures.

No name musicians
So called “Music mercenaries", players with no name and no fame but essential for any recording or tour. Antonio Serrano, Pedro Barceló, John Parsons or Tito Dávila have taped plenty of records for well-known artists as Joaquín Sabina, Miguel Ríos, Luz Casal, Pedro Guerra…. But we have no news about them except for the small print on the record scores.

Guitars with a name
Thousands of musicians choose them, millions of fans desire them: Mythical names like the guitars Fender Stratocaster, Jimi Hendrix's favorite instrument, used in Spain, among others by Ariel Rot and rhythmical Gibson, point of reference for guitar players like David, of El Canto del Loco or Juan Aguirre of Amaral and also the well known Hermanos Conde Luthiers of guitars for great masters as Paco de Lucía.

Flamenco inspiration: the dancemakers
The best flamenco dancers, the traditional and the innovative ones, show us an insider look on, how is their choreography creative process: Joaquín Cortes, Sara Baras, Rafael Amargo, Antonio Canales, Eva la Yerbabuena....

Sex on stage
The most wonderful shows all around sex, with explicit dialogs and no shame. A new look on sex: "Marionetas del pene" , "Pornografía barata", "13 polvos", "XXX"... ("Penis puppets", "Cheap pornography" "13 screws"…)

Aute, the Renaissance artist
Spanish singer-songwriter Luis Eduardo Aute publishes "Auterretratos" ("Selfportraits") at the age of 60. A musical anthology as the script of this documentary in which Aute himself explains his long musical experience, illustrated with his own pictures of the Spanish history through those years.

Ramoncín, 25 years of rock in Spanish
The 'bad boy' of 70's Spanish rock signs a quarter of a century of nonconformity and transgression. Ramón J. Márquez, alias "Ramoncín", goes over his musical career on this documentary.

Spain's stage
An overview on the most important shows in Spain's stage through 2004.
Zarzuela, Spanish lyric genre survives on theaters and shares bill with different Musical plays imported from Broadway, while Flamenco, consolidates as an important genre and crosses borders reaching the USA.