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By car, boat or plane, the viewer is transported along scenic routes, their history and folklore, stopping at numerous interesting spots and resting points along the way.

The series provides hours of scenery in motion, visiting sites that are of special interest, travelling along coasts, mountains and small secondary roads that take the armchair traveller off the beaten path to see both the surprising and the commonplace without interruptions, cuts or breaks.

The series can be used for continuity, with sights, sounds, and musical accompaniment that will hold the viewer's attention for hours.

The scenery shown is constantly in movement. The tempo of the music is suited to the mode of transport and, where appropriate, text appears on screen , indicating the points of interest about the current scene. No voice overs. Every 10 or 15 minutes, the traveller gets to visit a tavern, a restaurant, an historic monument or a spot of special interest.